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RELIABLE AIR FREIGHT SHIPPING SERVICES Today’s dynamic global markets and the advent of eCommerce demand an air freight service provider who understands that time matters for everyone, and for cargo as well. The challenge has always been to find a company that offers increased capacity across multiple routes globally, strikes an acceptable balance between outstanding service quality and budget, and offers a single, dedicated point of contact to save your time. These are the reasons an increasing number of international businesses are choosing EG Group. At EG Group, we firmly believe that time is crucial for your cargo, and our reliable air freight services are your best shot as we provide daily departures globally. Whether you intend to ship perishable products, hazardous cargo, or different types of goods that must be delivered within a very short time, you can rely on our services. Here’s what makes our services unique:
• We work with our clients to understand their needs and offer a dedicated service contract.
• Our teams consolidate air freight from different countries at regional stations with guaranteed uplifts.
• Depending on your requirements, we can blend road freight, ocean freight, and air freight to offer a seamless modal mix created according to your shipping schedule and budget.
• Our network stretches worldwide, and that means we can make deliveries at your doorstep.
• The entire team values and upholds security screening.
• We provide our customers with a choice of mission-critical air and road freight services.